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The Genuine Floydada Pumpkin is the world’s finest Pumpkins and we produce lot of them…
B. A. “Uncle Slim” Robertson started raising pumpkins in the late 1950s, at the urging of Aunt Grace. He once received a letter addressed simply “To: The Pumpkin Man”. Later other farmers found that our climate, soils and knowledge base, proven by Uncle slim, offered a promising alternative and fun crop. Now Floyd County produces around 1100 acres of Pumpkins annually. Simply put we have the knowhow and desire to raise the best and widest variety of Pumpkins anywhere.

Assiter Punkin Ranch

Later Pumpkin growers came together with the Floydada Chamber of Commerce and dubbed the town “Pumpkin Capital USA”. The name fit, and so, the Floydada Pumpkin is the most famous anywhere. Folks from everywhere come to buy Floydada Pumpkins. Our mission is to continue to provide the quality products everyone has come to expect. Come on down! We challenge everyone to come to the friendly town of Floydada and see for themselves. If you can’t make it, continue to follow us on our website and Facebook page.

Assiter Punkin Ranch is the work in progress of the Assiter family’s endeavor with growing pumpkins. The Ranch is actually the iconic “Red Barn” that Granny Joy “just wanted”. Pa, Tommy Assiter, began raising pumpkins in the 1960’s, on the advice of Uncle Slim Robinson, the original Floydada pumpkin grower. Majority of the pumpkins grown were sold wholesale to vegetable brokers. In 1992, Granny Joy retired from her town job, as bank manager, and began decorating the front yard and driveway with pumpkins (mostly Big Maxx). Many people traveling down the highway stopped to buy pumpkins.

The Season Looks Great!

In 1993, Tim, the oldest son of Pa Tommy and Granny Joy, came home to help with the family business. The retail area was expanded into a portable building. The red barn was then built in 2000, increasing the retail operation even more. The petting zoo and Border Collie demonstrations started as groups requested guided field tours.

Eventually, Tommy & Joy moved to town. Tim & his wife Michelle now live on and manage the Punkin Ranch. Most weekends, there are 5 generations of Assiters to welcome visitors. We are currently raising pumpkins on 45 acres and growing 71 different varieties. Visitors from as far as Austin make yearly visits to the Punkin Ranch. Many people from foreign countries have stopped by to see the major pumpkin patch attraction in the little Texas town known as “Punkin Capital USA”.

That means hand-harvesting only

Crews load tiny pumpkins into 25-pound bags, and large ones into bins. As you might expect, the heavier the pumpkin, the tougher the harvest. But crews don’t head straight to the field and load up the pumpkins. Farmhand Homero Ramirez described picking preparation: “We cut ’em and line ’em up, so it’s easier for us to put them into the bins.”

Pumpkin Facts

Pumpkins range in size from less than a pound to over 1,000 pounds

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