The Decorations of Fall!

There are 11 types of gourds available form the Assiter Punkin Ranch.

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crown of thorns gourdsCrown of Thorns Gourd

The Crown of Thorns produces a variety of striped and bicolor gourds of light and dark green, orange, yellow, and white. It is 4-5 inches in diameter.

autumn wings gourdAutumn Wings Gourd

This is a unique gourd of many colors with wings. It is in the shape of a swan. This gourd makes for a great addition to any fall decorations.

apple gourdApple and/or Bule Gourd

This gourd is a tree apple shape. They last forever. They are green in color, but paint them red and your teacher will love it!

birdhouse gourdBirdhouse Gourd (also available in mini and large varieties)

The Birdhouse gourd is a light green color. They are thick-skinned and used for crafts and decorations. Paint them any color, they are attractive to many different types of birds.

bushel gourdBushel Gourd

A Bushel gourd is brown and round shaped. It is 12-18 inches in diameter. This gourd is great for arts and crafts when dried.

dipper gourdDipper Gourd (also available in a large variety)

This gourd has a long, slightly curved neck. It has a hard shell and is great for making crafts such as, ladles, scoops, and decorative birdhouses.


swan gourd Swan Gourd (also available in a large variety)

This gourd has a large, speckled crookneck. It’s shape resembles a swan.











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